It’s always fun to shop for and dress up little babies and toddlers. As a parent or guardian, you are constantly needing to get new clothes, shoes, and Baby Hair Accessories as they outgrow the ones they have pretty quickly. In addition, new types of clothes and accessories, new styles, designs, color, trends etc hit the market and you have to get the best for your little ones! Below we discuss the different types of baby hair accessories, that you can get for your kids.

Types of Hair Accessories

The Bow

The bow has been around for a long long time. In fact, no one knows when exactly but no one is complaining either because they are very cute and easy to style. Made even more popular by cartoon characters like Minnie Mouse, the bow is a staple hair accessory that every little girl has had or wanted at some point. Bos is easy to make. You can make one by just tying a ribbon into one or get ready made bows that have fastening like velcro or a bottom.

Hair Comb Pins

Hair combs were once very popular and have always been used a long long time ago even before bows. With hair combs, they are used by both adults women and little children. Hair combs are elegant and in old times, were used for special occasions and for dressed up events.

Hair Clips

Hair clips fall under the category of accessories that also serve as a much-needed item. They are used to hold up updos and bangs. Some different types of hair clips are barrettes, flat clips, banana clips, duckbill clips, and many more.

Hair Bands

Hair bands are another very very famous hair accessory. Headbands are another hair accessory that is used both by adults and children. Many adults feel like they’ve outgrown hair bands but that not true. Hair hands can be classy and fashionable when styled properly- just ask Blair Waldorf. And for little girls, they are definitely a fashion accessory must have.

Elastic Bands

Elastic bands are essential for everyone. I have one on my wrist right now even as I type this. We all need to hold out hair up at a moment’s notice and elastic bands are what helps us do that.


This is kind of like hair bands except they are worn across the forehead. Headbands and hair bands are usually mistaken for one another but who cares really?


I know what you’re thinking – arent pearls supposed to be worn as necklaces, bracelets or earrings? Well, pearls are fast becoming one of the most classy hair accessories of all time. And now if you have pearl jewelry you no longer want to wear, you can transform it into a hair accessory to make your bun look even more dashing!

Hair Beads

Hair beads are great for styling braids and cornrows. Get them in gold or silver or different colors if you’re feeling adventurous.


These are easy to use. Flowers, both artificial and real can be used as a hair accessory. Great for springtime and summertime as well.


Hairpins can add some flair to your hairdo. Whether used to hold up an updo in the back or used to hold back a bang or used for more detailed styling. They always look great.

Big Hair Clips

These are mostly used for weddings by brides and bridesmaids. They give an elegant look and add sophistication to any outfit.


There are different types of hats, like a whole lot. Som types if hats are Fedoras, beanies, Panama hat, Papakha, Peci, Pith Helmet – stereotypical safari or jungle explorer hat, Pork pie, Shovel hat, Shtreimel, Sombrero, Spodik, Sudra, Umbrella hat, boat hat etc. The list goes on and on. There at least 100 different types of hats if not more!


Scarfs are great hair accessories and can be made to look like a hair band. They are also used to elevate an outfit.


Little girls love tiaras because they always want to play princess. They are great for birthday parties or fancy outings with the little one. They go well with dresses and anything really because every girl deserves to feel like a princess at all times.

Hair Jewelry

An example of hair jewelry is the Indian hair jewelry called Jhapta. Hair jewelry in old times was mostly worn by royalty r the very wealthy. But I’m sure you can get some at Clairs now or Target and pull it off like you were royalty too.


Beanies are a type of hat but they deserve a solo mention as well. They are great in the cold weather but are also great style statements. They can give you that fashion forward hipster look that everyone is trying to pull off.


Adding a feather to your updo can elevate your look but please don’t appropriate native American culture for Coachella. Maybe stick to headbands or bows.


Wreaths are great for a fall look or a beach vacation look. Flower or leaf wreaths look great you just have to style them correctly so you don’t end up looking like a tree.